It's A Blind Date!!

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"Come on, young man. Introduce me to your girlfriend", Mrs. Danfield said. Bella blushed deep shades of red as her eyes widened.

"This is Bella and Bella, this is Mrs. Danfield ", Jake introduced.

"So, what do you guys like to order? ", Mrs. Danfield asked.

" We have some assignment to finish. We will order later, Mrs. Danfield", Jake said.

"Okay, dear. I will be heading out. I will make sure Sofia to take your order later. I am already running late.", Mrs. Danfield said.

"oh ok. Thank you, Mrs. Danfield ", Jake said.

....... @.......

" Finally! It's over. God! I hate
reading. It totally drained out my energy", Jake said sighing .

"Stop being drama queen. We didn't have much work anyway. Can we leave ?", Bella asked.

"No way. All my brain cells are dead . I have to definitely charge it", Jake said sighing dramatically .

" How are you planning to do it? ", Bella said chuckling playfully.

" By eating ", Jake said in a duh tone.

... @....

" Hey, Jakey! ", a girl greeted in a chirpy voice and smiled flirtatiously at Jake. She was wearing a very short shorts that barely covered her ass and a crop top that exposed her flat stomach. Her daring V - neck shirt showed off her cleavage a bit. She looked more like a girl who worked in club rather than one in a family restaurant. She stood too close to Jake more than necessary.

'Jakey? It's like calling a doggy. Woah! That rhymed. ', Bella thought.

" Hey, Sop! How are you? Still working part-time here? ", Jake said.

'Sop? Seems like they are close. Who knows? Maybe his ex. Why do I feel irritated by this thought? I don't even like him. Okay, I agree. I may have a tiny crush on him. God! this is no good', Bella thought smiling bitterly.

" I am great. Yep, Mrs. Danfield pays me well. So, how are you? It's been long time", Sophia said as she moved more closer to Jake.

"I have been great too. I was quite busy with some stuffs, so I couldn't visit", Jake said.

'yeah, yeah he was too busy shoving his tongue in bimbos throat.. Why do I feeling like this? Why do I feel a strong need to interrupt their conversation. By chance, Do I like him? No way', Bella thought. Bella coughed to get their attention.

"Sop, this is Bella and Bel, this is
Sophia ", Jake introduced uncomfortably. Bella just nodded her head and put on a fake smile on her face that she could muster . But Sophia didn't even act to be polite and openly glared at Bella .

" Duty comes first. What do you like to be served, Jakey ?", Sophia asked batting her long fake eyelashes.

'Seriously? Fake eyelashes? God! This girl is worse than Stacy . Am I invisible or something? I don't think her question was directed to me', Bella thought.

" so, what do you want , Bel? I suggest Chicken burger and fries. It's heavenly here. ", Jake asked smiling sweetly.

" I will have chicken burger and vanilla milkshake ", Bella said.

" I will have.. ", Jake was cut off by Sophia," Your regular order, right? ". Sophia made sure to trail her hands on his biceps as much as possible as she talked.

" Yeah", Jake said.

As soon as Sophia left the place, Bella asked, "so, I guess are you regular here?".

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