Who Said Nerds Couldn't Be Hot?

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Tyler's car pulled in his driveway. As he parked his car , his phone rang. He signaled Anna and Bella to go ahead. Anna groaned but walked to the door anyway. She pressed the door bell about six to seven times as a sane and patient person as she is (sarcasm). The door swung open to reveal the most irritated but yet handsome muscular blonde guy whose features looked very much like Tyler.

"What the hell do you want? How many time do I have to say I don't.... ", he stopped in mid sentence as soon as his eyes landed on Anna.

" Dranster ? ", He questions. (dranster=dracula+monster )

"How many times I have to tell you that it's not even a word, idiot", Anna said.

"Even still it perfectly suits you. You are definitely a hybrid creature of monster and dracula. Btw I didn't expect you here. You are not welcomed", He asked.

" Who were you expecting? Your imaginary girlfriend? ", Anna said with saccharine smile.

" Hahaha seriously imaginary? If I want to date someone all I have to do is say yes to their proposal. Who with brain wouldn't want such a hottie like me? ", he questioned.

"I wouldn't ", Anna said.

" Didn't I tell you something about people with brains? ", He said smirking.

" I do have brain, stupid", Anna said. Bella silently watched them bicker, As she didn't want to get involved in the pointless argument.

"Maybe in pea size", he said.

"Still it's bigger than yours", Anna snapped.

"Nothing is small in me, baby", He said with a wink. Anna acted to gag loudly.

"Disgusting pig, you can't hit on me as I have grown into a beautiful girl now. Remember we are BEF ", Anna said. (BEF -best enemies forever).

" Grown? Hahaha you didn't even grow a inch, dranster. Btw how much did it cost for this surgery? ", He asked pointing her face laughing .

" As much as it cost for the steroids you ate", Anna said with sickening smile.

"These are not from steroids. These muscles are from my endless work out session and anyway I was born with it", he said.

"Born with it? Haha you and I both know how much skinny and nerdy you were in your high school and by the way just move Tyler and your mom definitely won't like Ella and I standing out", Anna said.

"Ella? ", he questioned as he got in. Anna and Bella followed him. Bella was curious who  he was but didn't ask anything and decided to keep quiet.

" Yeah, this is Ella, my new BFF and Ella, this is Tyson, a pathetic excuse of a brother of Tyler and my BEF. ", Anna introduced.

" Hi, nerdy", Tyson said. Bella just nodded glaring at him, "Wanna say something, nerdy?". Bella shook her head no.

"Stop acting like a typical jock, faggot. Everyone knows how nerdy and weak you were in school. As you became like a fat pig now, it does not give you any right to act to her like that. BTW she is a way lot cooler than you", Anna snapped.

"These are not fat, Dranster. These are called muscles and I was never a nerd", Tyson said smirking.

"You sure? I may have a proof. I can just print it out and stick all over your college campus ", Anna smirked.

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