CHAPTER 3: DAY ONE (part 2)

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Jake was neither rich nor poor . But neither could one say he was middle class. He had a nice place to live. Jake parked his bike in the garage and  headed towards the entrance of his house. Bella followed him clumsily.

As soon as Jake opened the door, a small girl  came running to him

"Jake is home", she yelled cheerfully.

Jake picked her up and spun her around. The little girl was giggling gleefully. Jake had a huge smile on his face. Bella was left out like she did not exist. Bella didn't feel bad about it. She was  accustomed to it by now.

Bella stood staring at them. It was the first time she saw a real smile on his face instead of a smirk.

'How can one be this hot? He is really more handsome when he smiles' she thought as she was checking him out. 'What are you thinking, Bella? He is a Jerk, player and a bastard. Don't fall into his trap',  this thought stroke her mind.

The sibling bonding section was over when the little girl saw Bella. By this time, Jake had put the little girl down and she was standing in front of her  facing Bella and Jake. The little girl patiently waited  for her brother to introduce the girl he brought home. Her eyes frequently drifted Jake to Bella and Bella to Jake.

Jake was about to introduce them "Jazz this is.." that's when his stupid phone started ringing. He excused himself  to attend the call. The little girl was so excited that she could no longer wait  for her brother to introduce them.

"Hi, I am Jasmine, Jake's sister" the little girl said cheerfully and extended  her hand for Bella to shake.

"Hi, I am Bella Swan, Jake' classmate" Bella said smiling as she kneeled down to shake the little girls hand.

"You look cute when you smile" Jasmine said smiling. Bella smile widened hearing the compliment.

"Thank you. You look so cute that one would mistake you for a Barbie doll", Bella said still smiling.

"Do you like Barbie?" Jasmine asked.

"I like Barbie. Who doesn't?" Bella asked raising her eye brows.

"Jake doesn't" Jasmine replied pouting.

"Can you help me dress up Barbie as a bride, Bella? I really want a playmate" She asked with pleading eyes.

Bella always liked kids. So she naturally liked the sweet little girl standing in front of her. She even felt comfortable with her. Bella couldn't say no to the little girl with such a pleading eyes. Jasmine was looked at Bella anxiously waiting for her reply.

"Yes, I would like to" Bella said smiling. A huge grin broke on Jasmine's face. She pulled Bella to her room and dragged a huge box from her closet inside.  It was Barbie dress up kit.

Though Bella was 16 (soon to be 17) she could have a mindset of 5, Bella liked teddy bears, Barbie and other stuffed dolls. She loved to watch cartoon, especially Tom and Jerry. she has never missed watching Tom and Jerry every night.

"Bella, this is my Barbie, she is cute right?" Jasmine asked Bella holding a Barbie doll in hand and jumping up and down in excitement.

"You are cuter than Barbie, little princess" Bella said smiling.

Jasmine was in cloud nine jumping up and down gleefully. That's when Jake came. He silently stood by the door silently and  observed them. They didn't notice him and kept on giggling. That was the first time Jake saw his sister so excited and Bella smiling beautifully. He loved his sister very much, so he left the  room and headed  upstairs for his room quietly without disturbing them.

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