Crushes And Kisses

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I am on three days holiday ... Was kind of free... So here is the update... Hope u like it.

Thanks for awesome cover kush... I dedicate this chap to wandering-girl, ameena100497, AmyNadz, amyshadoW01, Baby_Doll29,buffy102987,innoxentpari33,Loversgonewild,Miss_writeratheart,Mistyvallera1000,Night_Fury96,nitha12,PaynoMyBaee,RainAndStories,Red_Lime,SliVeRMinXx and wasnalove123.

Cover by wandering-girl

"I hate liars", Bella said.

'God! I am screwed. she should never find out about the bet. I like her. Not as in like like but still I like her as friends. I like being with her. I seriously don't know what I feel for her. All I can say is it's weird. ', Jake thought.

"Jake! Are you okay? You zoned out", Bella' s voice interrupted his thoughts.
"Yeah, I am okay. Just thinking. ", Jake asked.

"Okay", Bella said.

"so, How many guys did you date? ", Jake asked.

" None. Do you think any guy would date me? Seriously guys think I am a freak", Bella said.

"I don't think so. You know I am a guy too", Jake said winking.

"whatever. You? ", Bella asked.

" None", Jake said.

"Don't even try to lie to me, mister. I might not talk to anyone in school but I do know what's happening in
school ", Bella said glaring mockingly.

" Seriously, Bel. I don't date guys. You know I am into girls. ", Jake answered like a smart-ass and winked at her .

" I doubt it", Bella said with mock seriousness .

" You did not say that", Jake said.

"I just did. I always thought there was some bromance between Shane and you", Bella said trying her best to control her laughter.

"No way in the hell. Being gay is alright. No offense. But I am damn straight and Shane is disgusting", Jake said defensively. Bella can't hold it anymore and started laughing.

" If you were a gay who would you date? Shane or Harry? ",Bella asked smiling at his awkwardness.

" Where did this question come from? I am not a gay", Jake said crossing his arms defensive.

"Come on, Jake. Don't be a cry baby. It's just a question ", Bella said.

" Fine. I won't date both. Shane is a disgusting pig and Harry is a jerk", Jake said.

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