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       Bella seriously can't believe that they had been dating for a year now. For her, it was like yesterday, he had asked her out.  Today is their anniversary. It had been the most happiest year of her life. It's not that they didn't have any disagreement or something. They did have a few disagreements but that didn't lead to anything destructive . All lovers quarrel, right?

      When she tried to think about their relationship, all she can remember is their happy moments and not their fights. Even those fights bought smile to her face, thinking how stupid they were to fight over silly things. She had never been this happy before. Jake had made her happiest person alive. She initially had some issues when they announced they were dating. His fan girls were making her life a living hell. Stacy took that to the next level and started to bully her. Not that she wasn't bullied before but now it was much worse. When Jake found this, he was livid. However he managed to keep full stop to this bulling thing.

Few girls voiced their opinions saying Bella was no match to Jake. They said she was a ugly frump while he was a Greek god . As Bella was already insecure of herself, she thought of breaking up with him. Anna got some sense to her head and gave her a make over.  When Bella went to school the next day , no one recognized her. When they found out it was Bella they were beyond surprised.

Bella fondly reminiscenced her first date. That made a smile crawl on her lips. Jake took her to fair. When she was a kid, she always loved going to fair. Her dad took her to fair often. She loved the thrill that rides gave her.  Even as a kid, she had never been scared of heights. Instead she loved them. She loved the view from the ferris wheel but not anymore though. Because that's where her so called dad abandoned her and left to lead a sofisticated life with his wealthy bimbo. Luckily she had memorized her mom's phone number. As for the date, initially she was seriously disappointed. She didn't even want to step into the fair.


"Jake... I don't think it's a good idea", Bella said uncomfortably.

"I thought you will be excited. Don't you like fair? ", Jake asked frowning.

" That's not it, Jake. I used to love it but after... ", Bella trailed off.

" After? ", Jake pushed her to say further.

" My dad... Kind of.. Abandoned me in a fair ", Bella said shifting uncomfortably on her spot.

" Shit! Sorry, Bel. I totally ruined our first date", Jake said as he was disappointed in himself.

"We can  go somewhere ", Bella said to brighten up the atmosphere.

" But Bel, you know, we can still go to fair", Jake said looking at her hopefully.

"But Jake I don't have a happy memories here", Bella said.

"We could always make one ", Jake said.

" Jake.. But.. ", Bella's denial was cut off by Jake," Come on Bel, please.. Please ".

" Fine... One condition though ", Bella said smiling mischievously.

" What's it? What's with the wicked smile? Should I be scared? ", Jake asked her mockingly.

" Maybe..... I want you to ride merry-go-round with me", Bella said laughing wickedly.

"Are you freaking serious? ", Jake asked laughing.

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