CHAPTER 8: Day three (Part 3)

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Brianna turned to look at Bella and started to speak  enthusiastically "Hmm, I heard Jake calling you Bel, so I don't want to call you that as that stupid came up with the name. What about Ella? Can I call you Ella?"

"Yeah whatever you like is fine with me", Bella said still uncomfortable around Anna.

"Great, Ella is it then", Anna said.

"Are your friends coming too, Ella?" Anna asked  excitedly.

"Nope", Bella said.

"Why?", Anna frowned, "I thought we would be having a girls day but It's no biggie. At least you are here "

"I really don't have friends except my beloved sister and two little Kids", Bella said biting her lower lips which she did when she was nervous.

"Really? What about Jake then?", Anna asked surprised. Anna's enthusiasm  broke Bella's hard exterior and made her open up.

"Yep, Jake. He started talking to me three days ago because of a damn science project. I don't know what he thinks of me?", Bella said.

"Of course, he considers you as a friend", that made Bella smile  "But don't you have any other friends in school? You are so sweet. How come someone as sweet as you doesn't have any friends at all?", Anna said sounding very surprised.

"Wow. That's hilarious. you think I'm sweet? People in school despise me", Bella said with bitterness in her voice.

"What? Really? Those bitches really need someone to shove them ", Anna said in a protective voice.

"It's no biggie. Leave it alone . Where is the little princess? Oh, I mean Jasmine", Bella asked smiling.

"Ah! I am so jealous of her.  You know, she is so lucky. She is hanging out with that hottie", Anna said in an envious tone.

"What?", Bella asked confused.

"Yeah Yeah. she is playing with a hot boy with blonde hair and blue eyes who must be around her age", Anna said moving her hands animatedly.

"Hey! Is this a way to describe a little boy? Hottie Instead of cuttie?", Bella asked laughing unable to hold it anymore.

"Yup. No matter what  age the guy is a hot guy is always a hot guy ", Anna gave out a smart ass reply which earned an eye roll from Bella.

"I am 17, same as Jake. how old are? 17 or 16?", anna asked Bella.

"I am 16. I really thought you were younger than me", Bella said.

"I get that a lot. Do you have a boyfriend?", Anna asked.

"Nope. What about you?", Bella asked.

"Neither do I . Enjoying my life as free as a bird", Brianna said pulling Bella somewhere along with saying "Let me introduce you to my family".

'This family really has something for dragging people with them everywhere', Bella thought.

She was first introduced to Anna's parents. Afterwards, she was pulled in another direction.

"Hey Will! ", Anna called him. Will looked  up from his phone, on which he was  texting someone, and looked at his sister.

"Will, this is Bella, My new friend and Bella this is my sweet brother, Will", Anna introduced them. Will was taken aback by Bella's beauty and stared at her intensely saying, "hi".

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