Jealousy And Secret Messenger !!

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Last class of the day was physical education. Bella shared P.E with Anna, Tyler and Shane. Currently they were running fourth laps around soccer field. Running has never been Bella's strong virtue. She hated all forms of physical exercise. Anna was not a great fan of sports either. Bella and Anna were one of few people who were running at the last. They were panting heavily and tried their best to keep up with others. As soon as the P.E teacher blew the whistle indicating that they can stop. Bella collapsed on her spot and lied on the field. Anna followed her suit and lied on the field gasping for more air.

"This human torture", Bella said panting like a dog.

"God! I felt like dying", Anna said .

"After fourth lap, I don't even know what happened. Everything around me became a blur", Bella said and took a deep breath.

"Get up! You lazy butts! It was just five laps", Tyler said and laughed at their pathetic state.

"It was not just five laps. It was FIVE FREAKING LAPS. You say as if they were not big deal", Bella said dramatically.

"That was nothing compared to soccer training. We run 10 laps as warm up before every practice ", Tyler said casually.

" 10 laps? Are you serious? ", Anna asked with widened eyes.

" Yeah", Tyler confirmed.

"Oh god! I would rather die", Bella said dramatically.

"I agree", Anna said.

"You guys are exaggerating ", Tyler said and laughed at them.

" We are not", Anna said.

"Whatever. Get up, Guys! This is not your bedroom ", Tyler said.

" You think we don't know that", Bella said.

"Fine! GET UP", Tyler said annoyed.

"I don't want to", Anna said and made herself more comfortable on the grass.

"Oh god! ANNA! SNAKE! SNAKE! ", suddenly someone yelled.

Both Anna and Bella sprang up quickly from the ground screaming. They stopped screaming when they saw Tyler and Shane laughing at them.

"This is how you make them get up", Shane said to Tyler who was too busy laughing to respond.

"There was no snake?" ,Anna asked dumbly blinking her eyes.

"You stupid! You gave us a heart attack for nothing ", Bella snapped at Shane.

" You crazy shit! I am definitely going to kill you", Anna snapped in a threatening tone . she jumped on Shane and started beating him. But Shane was still laughing at her.

"Easy tiger!", Tyler said and pulled Anna away from Shane.

" Thanks, man. Btw it was totally worth the beatings. Their reactions were hilarious ", Shane said and laughed at them.

" I agree", Tyler said and chuckled.

"So, you guys comming to watch match tonight? ", Shane asked casually .

" Yeah", Bella and Tyler said in unison while Anna said, "no".

"What? ella, you are not going to match. We are going to get you a dress for homecoming ", Anna said.

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