Can't I Have My Lunch Without A Drama?

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Surprise...! Tomorrow is my birthday ...! So here is the surprise update guys.

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"You bitch . Shut your trap and Just leave her alone. I don't know what's your deal with her talking with either of boys. As I can clearly see either is your boyfriend. so just  f*ck off and do a favor by not showing your nasty face to us"

"I don't think this has anything to do with you either, shank", Stella snickered.

"Does not have anything to do with me? This shit has everything to do with me. Did you get amnesia or something? If so I would like to enlighten you that one among the two boys is my crazy best friend and other is my damn cousin and this poor girl who you keep bullying happens to be my new best friend. So don't ever open your shit hole and f*ck off"

As Stella didn't reply and opened and closed her mouth like a fish. She took it as a signal and pulled Bella out of the restroom.

"Anna? What are you doing
here? ", Bella asked as soon as she regained her composure.

" You don't want me here? ", Anna asked acting to be offended.

" what? That's not it... It's not that I don't want you here. It's very nice that you are here a-", Bella's ramble was cut off by Anna.

"Ok I understand. Please stop rambling", Anna said laughing at how naive Bella was to believe that Anna was offended.

"Oh god! Thanks I really thought you were offended. By the way why are you here? ", Bella asked sighing in relief.

" To study? ", Anna suggested.

" Come on, anna", Bella whined

"Seriously ella. I am not even kidding", Anna said.

"Then why didn't you tell me
before? ", Bella asked pouting.

" I thought of giving you a surprise but definitely not like this", Anna said acting to be disappointed.

"If it makes you better I am surprised", Bella said.

"Whatever. I am so hungry let's grab something to eat", Anna said cheerful.
"You go ahead. I usually don't go to canteen", Bella said.

"what? You don't eat your lunch", Anna asked her.

"I do but not in canteen and it's not like I have someone to sit with or something ", Bella said to her.

" What are you talking about? I am here", Anna said as she dragged bella into the canteen.

"Anns, what are you doing? If people see you with me, they will bully you too", Bella said tensed.

"Like they can bully me", Anna snorted at the thought.

As soon as they bought their food, Anna dragged her towards the nearest empty table which was usually occupied by geeks.

"Anns, we can't sit here. It's their table", Bella said eyeing warily at the geeks entering the canteen.

"It's not like their names are written here or something ", Anna mumbled.

"Still it is their's ", Bella said.

"If it's fine with them then it's fine with you, right? ", Anna asked. Bella nodded slowly.

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