Chapter 6: Day Three (Part 1)

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Next day was so quiet as well as boring for Bella as she didn't share any class with Jake. The whole morning, there wasn't any traces of Jake in Bella's life. The Bell rang and Bella walked to her locker to fetch books for her next class.

She felt like someone was following her. She turned around thinking it had to be Jake but she was disappointed as there was no one  behind her.

'What the heck happened to you Bella? Why are you expecting him?' a voice said in her mind.

'Maybe Because he was always nagging and disturbing my calm and peaceful life for  past 2 days', another voice spoke in her defense. It was like angel and devil version of her fighting.

'Are you insane, Bella? He talked to you because of the project. He just sees you as a shy, nerdy girl. May be someone who is in the 1st stage to become his friend. Nothing more may be less. Okay? ', a voice spoke in her mind.

The Bell rang indicating that the next class had started. That brought Bella back to the reality from her inner monologue.

Jake's fourth hour was creative writing. He shared it with Harry, Shane and Andrew. Whenever they were together, they made fun of each other and teased each others. They would  always be laughing about this and that . They were so close to each other that there were no secrets between them. They have been friends since kindergarten.

"Hey man, There you are" Harry called out as he was walking fastly towards Jake. Jake turned around to see Harry and Shane walking towards him and smiled in acknowledgement.

"Hey, man" Shane said as they  bumped each other's fist as their usual way of greeting.

"Where is that douche bag?" Jake asked as he didn't see Andrew since morning.

"Oh! Andrew?" Harry asked. Jake nodded in reply.

"You can find him somewhere behind Laura" Shane said chuckling and his friends started to chuckle, too.

"I already advised him that girls must be the ones chasing us  and  not be other way around" Harry said mockingly.

"Truth, man" Jake said arrogantly.

"Hey guys. What's up? Did I miss anything?" Andrew asked curiously wanting to know the reason for his friend's amusement . They started to laugh even more.

"Hey, Nothing" Harry said still chuckling.

At the same time Jake said "We were just talking about you".

"What's so funny about me, guys?" Andrew asked his friends eyeing them curiously.

"The thing about you chasing Laura" Shane said flashing him a gorgeously smiling.

"Do you guys really find it funny?" Andrew asked them a little mad. Shane and Harry nodded their heads, so he stared Jake for his answer.

"Am I supposed to say No? Sorry, can't do. It's too funny, man" Jake responded chuckling.

"You guys are really something" Andrew said it with a disgusted look on his face and added "Do you know what is the difficult thing in this world is?''.

"To pass the math test", Shane said as he really did suck in math.

"No, you idiot" Andrew said.

"Pulling prank on others and act like nothing happened" Harry said.

"No, man" Andrew mouthed shaking his head in disbelief.

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