CHAPTER 10: Day four (Part 1)

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Jake and Bella were standing under the shade of cherry Blossoms. Jake was staring at Bella very intently as he took a couple of steps closer to her. Bella took some steps back until her back hit the tree trunk and was pressed against it while averting her eyes from Jake's handsome face which looked extra sexy in moonlight. Jake tilted her head forcing her gray eyes to meet his blue ones. The cool breeze gave them goosebumps.  Their eyes locked. Their lips didn't move but they spoke millions of words through their eyes. In the next moment Jake's lips crashed on hers.

Suddenly Bella felt something wet and cold splash on her face. She  opened her eyes swiftly and rubbed her temples while groaning. She saw Jessie standing in front of her bed with a pitcher in her hand smiling wickedly. That was when the realization hit her.

1)Kissing Jake was a dream

2)Her sister poured water on her to wake her up

"Are you really my sister? How can you do this to me?", Bella yelled.

"Stop being dramatic, Bella. It's just water. You are acting like I splashed acid on your face", Jessie said smiling.

"Oh my god! Do you plan on  pouring acid on me?", Bella asked irritated.

"Hell no. Where the heck did you get this idea from?", Jessie asked irritated.

"Why would you do that, Jess? You could have just woken me up like you usually do. And on top of that today is a national holiday", Bella said irritated while rubbing her temples due to her headache.

"What? Wake you up like usually? I have been trying to wake you up  for hours, Bella", Jessie snapped as she sat on her bed and continued to surf on her laptop.

Bella still sat rubbing her temples and  thought about her dream about kissing Jake. A smile crawled on her face.

"Why are you smiling creepily? Did you have wet dream or something ?", Jessie asked and eyed her sister while arching her eyebrow.

"No..No", Bella stammered and  blushed severely.

"Your mouth says one thing while your eyes say something different ", Jessie said smiling.

"Ok, what happened yesterday? Why the heck do I have this head ache? And my god how did I get here from Jake's? And why is a frog toy is on my bed?" Bella asked promptly not waiting for Jessie to answer.

"Don't you remember anything? Not even that frog?", Jessie asked.

Bella shook her head and said, "The Last thing I remember is drinking water from the fridge. What's so great about that frog to remember?".

"The only thing I know is that last night Jake and his cousin came here to drop you off and they apologized profusely for your stupidity", Jessie said.

"what? Stupidity?", Bella snapped.

"Yeah. Being as stupid as you are you drank vodka thinking it was water", Jessie said.

"What?Really?", Bella asked in a panic- stricken voice. Jessie just nodded in assurance .

"Did I do something embarrassing?", Bella asked.

"If you consider talking to a wall, fussing about how that frog is beautiful", she said and  pointed at the frog toy which was now lying on the ground, "Saying you want to marry the Frog prince and dancing with that frog as embarrassing. Then you did embarrass yourself".

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