CHAPTER 14: DAY 4 (Part 4)

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Mace walked to Jessie. She stood up slowly and tried to compose herself.

"Why are you here? And how did you reach here this fast?", Jessie asked raising her eyebrow at Mace.

" Babe, I missed you so much that I rushed to come and see you. I am hurt that you asked why I 'M here", Mace said touching his heart like it was hurting.

"Enough acting, Mace. You better answer or ....", Jessie trailed off staring at him.

"No, No, Don't even thinks of it. I will answer your question , Babe" , He said and put his arms defensively in air and added, " Babe, I just really missed you and the thought of seeing you in bikini didn't leave my dirty mind. That's why I am here".

"This doesn't explain my second question", Jess said raising her eyebrow acting all mighty as she controlled her laughter.

"Okay, Enough. Don't look at me like that. My cousin's house is few minutes from here", Mace said avoiding eye contact with Jessie.

"What? A few minutes?", A voice said behind Mace.

"It's freaking half an hour drive away from here, douche . You drove us here in 15 minutes. Did you try to kill me? What did I ever do to you?", a boy said and smacked mate's head.

"Enough, Matt. Stop acting like a girl", Mace said.

"Girls don't smack you like this, you idiot", Matt said which only earned him an eye roll from Mace.

Mace had chocolate brown eyes, olive skin, blonde hair and perfect straight nose. Matt had mesmerizing green eyes, pale skin, blonde hair and toothy smile. Mace was tall but Matt was bit taller than him.

"What? You drove here in 15 minutes?", Jessie asked Mace while sending him a death glare.

"It's not like that, honey bun. I didn't even go over  the speed limit", Mace defended himself.

"Really?", Jessie asked as she kept her hands on her hip.

"Okay. I am sorry. I went over the speed limit. Please don't look at me like that. I promise I won't do it again", Mace pleaded her.

Laura and Anna bust into laughter unable to hold it anymore.

"By the way, I am Matt, Mace's cousin. You look more beautiful in person", Matt said as he was checking her out. Mace eyed Matt like he was going to kill him.

"Enough checking out my girlfriend or I won't have a choice than to get ready for your funeral", Mace said and he covered Matt's eyes with his hand.

"You  won't change", Jessie said to Mace and shook her head in disbelief. Laura and Anna were clutching their stomach while laughing like some crazy maniacs.

"I am Jessie and as you know I am his girlfriend. Which school do you attend?", Jessie asked Matt laughing and she emphasized the word 'his girlfriend' . That bought a smile on Mace's face.

"I attend Weisten high and I am two grades ahead of you", Matt said.

"My sister and others here are in the same grade as you . Uh....This is Anna and this is Laura and girls, this is Mace, my boyfriend and this is Matt, his cousin", Jessie said.

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