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"Hmmm..... What, Jake? ", Anna asked copying him. She eyed where his eyes were fixed which was no where but on bella who was  inhumanly blushing .

" Omg! Did you guys have hot make out session? OMG...! I really can't believe that such a innocent angel, bella is that feisty to make his lips busted. OMG....! OMG....! ", Anna gushed. Bella chocked on her cake and started coughing vigorously.

"Oh god! Hell no..! Anna for heaven's sake stop this. It's crazy. WE DID NOT MAKE OUT", Bella said blushing even more. Much to bell's embarrassment Jake was enjoying this.

"If not, what did you guys do? Tonsil hockey? ", Anna teased.

" God! We did not do anything, Anna", Bella denied. Now she was resembling tomato. Others started to laugh, jake was laughing too. Only one who didn't find this thing funny was Tyler.

"If not Tonsil hockey? Then spit swapping is it. ", Anna said clapping her hand enthusiastically .

" Hell no, Anna. Seriously which part of the sentence, 'WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING' you didn't get ? ", Bella asked her.

"Haha.... this is funny. But seriously, anns get your mind off the gutters and stop embarrassing the poor girl. She is already like a tomato", Tyler said.

"You are just jealous of my intelligence and my new found
theory ", Anna said puffing her chest to show that she is proud. She quickly averted her eyes as hers met shane's .

" Haha... I don't think you and intelligent can be in a sentence and your new found theory is stupid", Tyler said.

"You both, shut up", Andrew snapped "and Jake, don't say me that you got into fight without us with you?", Jake shook his head.

"Seriously what the hell happened to your lips? ", Shane asked him.

" Ask Bella", Jake said smiling evilly and  pointed in direction of bella. Everyone eyed Bella who didn't say anything but kept on blushing.

"So my theory is right. They ki-", anns started but she was cut off by Bella "For heaven sake anns, don't start with it again. I thought that telling the truth will be embarrassing but this is more embarrassing than that. When I was descending stairs I slipped off and landed on him and my glasses hit is lips hard. That's it. ". As soon as she confessed, everyone started laughing.

"Are you sure that it's your specs and not your lips that crashed my lips, Bel? ", Jake asked mischievously.

" Jake, you are not making it any better. You and I both know it's my spectacles and you stupid prick , you promised you won't say a word about my fall", Bella said clenching her teeth.

"Haha.... You got me there but I didn't break the promise as I didn't say and you did", Jake defended himself.

"But you turned the question to me, You plotter", Bella snapped.

"Haha.... I did not but it was funny.. You are cute when you blush.", Jake said laughing.

"It was not and stop laughing or... ", Bella warned blushing even harder.

" Or what? You would speed your blushing disease to me? ", Jake teased and started laughing everyone joined him.

Bella took the icing off the cake on her plate and in a swift move she quickly rubbed it  in Jake's face and started running without looking back. As soon as Jake's mind registered what she had done to him, he ran after her.

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