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Andrew sighed heavily shaking his head disappointedly at the hopeless guys who he calls his friends. He then grabbed his phone to make a call.

"I need your
help", Andrew said in phone.

"Hello to you too, my adorable boyfriend ", Lauren said sarcastically.

" I seriously need your help, Laura . Jake will here any minute, if we didn't get this thing done by then we are screwed", Andrew said frustrated.

"Cool down, Andrew. I will help you but with what? ", Laura asked him patiently.

" You said you good at designing and decorating, right? ", Andrew asked.

" Yeah, I did some courses", Laura answered.

"I seriously need your help to decorate this damn tree romantically. We thought we could do it but we are hopeless", Andrew said.

"Will help you. Which tree should we decorate? And what am I missing here? ", Laura asked.

" The tree at the end of park by the lake. The thing is Jake is going to ask Bella out. Shane gave this idea to decorate the tree and ask her out there.", Andrew explained.

"Woah! I saw it coming. So what do you guys have to decorate? ", Laura asked.

" We have red lights, few lanterns and a bouquet of red roses", Andrew said.

"Okay. Sounds romantic. I will buy other necessities and be there in few", Laura said and hanged up.
..... @.....

"Anns emergency ", Laura said as soon as Anna picked up the phone.

" What happened? ", Anna asked.

" Will explain later. Where are you? Please say you are free. I don't care if you are busy anyway. You are coming with me", Laura said.

"I lazing around at ketchup's place. ", Anna said.

" ketchup? ", Laura asked.

" I am at Ty's place. ", Anna said.

" Okay. Will be there at five. Don't make me drag you out of his house", Laura warned.

"Okay but where are we going? ", Anna asked.

" To witnesses something which I am sure you will never miss it for the world", Laura said and hanged up.

.... @...

"You better say where we are going before I die from suspense ", Anna said as soon as she got into the car.

" We are going to park", Lauren answered.

"I have just missed relishing pepperoni to go to park. Is this what I wouldn't miss it for the world? ", Anna said

" Nah!! The thing is JakeisgoingtoaskBellaout ", Laura said too faster in excitement.

" Come again", Anna said puzzled.

"Jake is going to ask Bella out tonight and we are going to help guys to decorate a tree to make the atmosphere a bit romantic", Laura explained.

As soon as Anna heard it, she squealed bouncing on her seat in joy.

"I always knew there was something going on between them", Anna said. She was still bouncing in joy.

"I know right", Laura said.
....... @.....

"Why the hell are they here? ", Harry asked.

" Because I don't want to ruin a thing for Jake tonight", Andrew said.

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