Red Looks Good On You!!

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Sorry for not updating early guys. I didn't have time as I  was updating deal with the devil.

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Nd day before yesterday I had Harry Potter marathon!!

Any potterheads here??? If so comment your favorite character??? Mine is Ron <3

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“I want an ice cream”, Jasmine said when they were about to enter a shop to buy a dress for Bella.

“If you be a good girl, I will get ice cream for you after getting a dress for Bella”, Anna said not looking up from her phone.

“Okay”, Jasmine said silently.

Jasmine had a star stuck expression on her face when she looked at the dresses on display. Tyler looked utterly out of place and bored. Anna was still texting not noticing the glares that Bella was sending in her direction .

“Are you going to help me or just going to stand there texting?”, Bella asked Anna and raised her eye brow at her.

“I will pick some dresses for you”, Anna said.

Anna didn’t pay much attention while picking out  dress for Bella as she was  texting. She just grabbed few dresses and thrusted into Bella’s hand.

“Go! Try these on”,  Anna said.

Bella examined the dresses. Most of them were too revealing for her taste but one dress got her eye. It was a Yellow dress which ended right below her knee with puffy hands and hoop skirt. It looked ridiculous.

“Anna, you seriously want me to wear this to homecoming dance?”, Bella asked holding the yellow dress in front of her.

“Yeah”, Anna said without looking up from her phone.

“I don’t know much about dresses but that one is definitely not a good look”, Tyler said and chuckled.

“Anna Daisy Dafron! Are you planning to dress up me as ugly duckling or something?”, Bella asked.

“No”, Anna said still not looking up from her phone.

“That’s it. I am going to throw that damn phone into the trash”, Bella said and walked towards Anna.

That made Anna snap her head in Bella’s direction. Anna held onto her phone like her life depends on it while Bella tried to get the phone from her.

“Sorry, Ella. No more texting. I promise”, Anna said holding her phone close to her heart as if it was a prized possession.

“Fine, if I see you text one more time while picking out my dress, it’s definitely going to trash”, Bella threatened. Tyler just stared at Anna weirdly.

“Okay”, Anna said and sighed in relief.
Anna picked out some decent dresses and gave it to Bella for her to try on. Bella first tried a green strapless body hugging dress that ended just below her mid-thigh.

“Damn! I look like a huge broccoli”, Bella said as she walked out of the dressing room.

“Green is definitely not your color”, Anna said and scrunched her nose at Bella.

“The dress is cute and you look pretty but together it looks disgusting”, Tyler said.

"Hey! ", Bella yelled and acted to be offended.

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