CHAPTER 16: Day 4 (Part 6)

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"Andrew's car is Black Audi right? Did .... Something" Anna stammered in a shaky voice and watery eyes

"It won't be them. I will go and make sure" Jake said and he gave a lingering look to Bella and nodded assuring him that she will take care of Anna and others.

"What if it was them?" Anna asked with a shattered voice. Her eyes were pooled with tears which were threatening to fall any minute.

"It won't be them Anna" Bella said while Jessie patted Anna's shoulder trying to calm her down which didn't seem to work.

"I will call Shane. He will pick up if he is ..." Anna sobbed as she took her phone in her shaking hands and dialed Shane's number.

"Pick up pick up" Anna said. Bella and Jessie eyed her worriedly praying everything should be good.

"He is not picking up" Anna said as a tear escaped from her eyes. Suddenly someone picked up.

"Shane Shane. It's you, right? Nothing happened to you, right? Your good ,right?" Anna asked but there was no response in other end.

Suddenly someone opened the car door in Anna's side saying "Gorilla, miss me so much".

Anna saw Shane holding the door open, all wet and having a crazy smile in his face. Anna swiftly pulled him in a bone crushing hug.

"Shane everything is okay, right? Nothing happened, right? I am not hallucinating things, right? You are here, right? " Anna asked between her sobs. She didn't leave him. She thought if she left him he would disappear into air or something.

Shane sensed something was wrong. His voice shifted from a teasing to concerned one when he said "Anna. It's okay. Nothing happened to me. Look I am here. I am not going anywhere. Just calm down"

Anna still kept sobbing in his chest while snuggling into him saying "I thought you were in that accident".

"It's okay Anna. Calm down" Shane said while rubbing her back to calm her down. After few minutes, Anna stopped sobbing in his embrace.

"Okay guys. I will go and inform Jake. He will be worrying for no reason" Bella informed

"Bella stay here. I will go. He went towards accident spot, right?" Shane asked Bella. Bella just nodded.


"Where did the douche go?" Andrew asked

"Shane? No idea. Give him a call" Harry said.

"I forgot to bring my shitty phone" Andrew said.

"I told you not to get mad often right? See you are growing old in this young age and because of that you have become so forgetful" Harry said with a mock seriousness.

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