Bitch Is Next To Her Name

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TITLE : Bitch is next to her

Username :sazzsmee

Meet Ashton Brooks aka golden boy of the Kimberly arts. He is handsome, wistful, smart and caring. He always put up a bright smile on his face even when his whole world is drowning. He is the perfect son every parent wants. Every girl wanna date him and every guy wanna be like him. Did I mention before? He is lead singer of his college band, 'SUPERNOVA'. His teacher loves him. Friends loves him. His colleagues loves him. Everyone loves him. Did I say everyone? That's where I am wrong. There's a person who despises him..

Meet Kaitlyn Miller! Bad girl aka bitch of the Kimberly arts. She walks off giving a vibe 'I-don't-give-a-flying-f*ck'. She is sarcastic, witty, beautiful, Reckless and kind when she wants to be. She puts everyone in their place and no one dares to talk to her even to borrow a pen. She has trust issues and can see right through people's fake personality. For her, Ashton is nothing but a fake and plastic.

What will happen the bad girl is not so bad as they see her and the golden boy is not the one everyone sees him as?
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