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Hi guys. Hope you like my stories. i want to write party in one shot so i am updating three chapters together and guys this is Bella in her party dress.

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The party was slowly getting started as guests arrived one by one. It was Jasmine's birthday  so obviously Jake was there and so were his friends. Jake's mom and dad were quite busy welcoming the guests. They didn't invite many people though. They invited their relatives, family friends and some of jasmine's and Jake's friends.

The party's setup was classy and indeed girly. but instead of pink  everything was blue as it was birthday girl's favorite colour. Everywhere you turn your eyes would  catch  blue and white balloons only . It was like some place straight out of fairy tale, so dreamy and  enchanting. There was a huge cake in the middle of the room. Kids were running around here and there and their laughter filled the air. It was like a wonder that every little girl would have dreamt of.

Jake and his friends were standing near stairs. They were leaning against the wall, all smiling and making a small talk.

"You invited Laura, right?", Andrew asked Jake a little tensed.

"Man, just chill out. You asked me this shitty question about 10 times", Jake chuckled.

"Then why the heck is she not here yet?", Andrew asked impatiently.

"Andrew, Wake up, man. Did you forget something? If so, I 'M happy to remind you. Man, Laura is a girl and this is a party." Harry said trying to enforce his point.

"So what?", Andrew asked not getting the point.

Shane sighed and said "You really are clueless, man. Do you know how long it takes for a girl to get ready for  a party?  you have no idea. Believe me, I have seen it with my own eyes several times ", he said this pointing his eyes dramatically like a drama queen and continued "I mean I have seen my sister getting ready for a party .Oh my god, really it takes hours ,man. Trying on different dresses, make up and blah blah blah", he ended his ranting.

Andrew nodded his head as if he understood everything but the tension was still  evident in his body gestures and the other three started laughing seeing him like that.

"But why do you look like this? I mean why do you look like you are going to piss on your pants?", Harry asked still chuckling.

"What are you hiding, man?", Harry asked smiling as he shoved  Andrew lightly. Andrew just stared at  them even more uncomfortable and blushed.

"Hey, hey. spit it out, douche", Jake said teasingly.

"Okay", Andrew raised his hand in mock surrender and continued uncomfortably, "The thing is I asked Laura out and she said she would give me an answer at this damn party".

"Aww, man", Harry said chuckling.

"Wow. that's  so hilarious, man", Jake said in between his chuckles and Shane joined their chuckling.


"Hey, guys", Jasmine greeted Jake and his friends as she pulled a small boy, who must be around her age with her enthusiastically .

"Hey, sweetie. Who is this?", Jake said as he sat down looking at the little boy's direction.

The boy was little taller than Jasmine. He had bright blue eyes, a shade lighter than Jake's, blonde hair, pale skin and the cutest smile ever.

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