Come Back to Me

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You know how fairytales always seem to say,
If it's meant to be, he'll be walking back your way?
That if fate sees you together, he'll find his way back,
You'll run into each other's arms and make up for the past.

You know how they say, if he's the one for you,
Nothing can keep you apart, your love will stay true?
No strife could cause you to drift away forever,
One way or another you'll make your way back to each other.

But I know your not coming back, our fate isn't written in the stars,
I know we can never be the same, I can't run into your arms.
I know we weren't the perfect couple, with love keeping us intertwined,
I know we'll never get back what we lost, we won't get back our old lives.

I know you'll never come back to me, my wish would never come true,
I know I'll never have you again,


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