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I'm surrounded by the same old faces,
But something seems brand new
It's not the time that's drifted us apart,
I guess that's the heartfelt truth

I know we all feel it, we're not quite the same,
But it's not like we've really changed
It's just that our lives that were so carefully crafted,
Have been rearranged

We still talk about our history, laugh and smile,
Like we always had done
But something feels missing and even when I'm surrounded,
I feel like I know no one

We are the same, yet so different,
Because of how our environment changed
New additions, no room for freedom,
Our lives have been rearranged.


Ever had that feeling of longing for the past despite having everything you could possibly wish for in the present?

Ever felt like you know someone so well, but all of a sudden feel like you're meeting them for the first time?

Ever had change impact you in such a distinct manner that it doesn't hit you like a bullet, all at once, but rather balanced out over a period of time such that you feel it's there, but don't necessarily acknowledge it's presence unless you choose to reminisce?

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