Falling For You

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I thought that you were different,
I thought that I fell hard
Stars above, I was so hopeless,
And now you've left me scarred

I thought you were worth it,
Worth risking all my fears
I thought you'd be the one for me,
That you'd wipe away my tears

I thought that you would care for me,
That you'd bring me cards and flowers
That you'd let me hold your hand and watch the sunset,
That you'd talk to me for hours

I thought that you were different,
I thought you had me under your spell
But when I thought I'd fallen in love with you,
I tripped down the stairs to hell.


Falling for you wasn't looking out my window and waiting for the prince to climb my tower and save me.
Falling for you wasn't daydreaming about my missing glass slipper.
And falling for you most definitely was not a magic carpet ride.

Falling for you was falling off a building and landing face first on the pavement.

Thank you, heart.

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