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People are constantly telling me,
That I'm beautiful in their eyes
That all my insecurities,
Are what make me blind

They tell me that I'm intelligent,
Strong and brave as can be
That I can move mountains and should be proud to be me

Same way around I tell everybody I see,
To embrace their imperfections and their unique beauty

I tell them how their hair looks dazzling in the light,
Or how when they laugh it's a wonderful sight

Compliments get thrown about from family to friends,
Acquaintances to strangers, the list never ends

You find yourself smiling three times as wide,
There's no need to blend in, no need to hide

Your self-esteem leaps and your personality shouts,
Your insecurities vanish and your uniqueness bleeds out

You learn to love yourself and tackle life with confidence,
All thanks to the compliments.


Hello world!!!
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while. I'm not gonna lie, I've just kinda run out of ideas. Curse you, writer's block.

Haha anyway, if you guys have any suggestions for new poem ideas, I'd LOVE to hear them!

Thanks for everything❤❤

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