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All it takes is a glance gone wrong,
A change in direction or off-pitch in a song
In a heartbeat it can all crash down,
Walk in on a scene and word goes around
No one understands, no one bats an eyelash,
Because apparently you're right, despite your decisions being rash
Sometimes no one bothers to know,
No one hears you out or takes it slow
You take it all in, don't process or think,
That maybe you're wrong, your reacting too quick
Jumping to conclusions, then crash-landing,
All because of one misunderstanding.


All it takes is one second for someone to get the wrong idea, mentally explode and then go rage-mode on you.
That's probably the easiest way to put it, but if you've ever had an extremely silly misunderstanding with a friend or a relative that's ended up messing your relationship for a while, do share your story! I'd love to hear from you all in the comments and it only takes a second to vote!
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