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Candid |✓ by QueenMelody16
Candid |✓by σℓινια
| WATTYS 2018 WINNER: THE POETS | ❝Only when one can smile at her own reflection, be proud of her own thoughts and be happy with who she is, will she learn to fall in lo...
  • candid
  • poems
  • thirdbook
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Open Letters by imperfectsei
Open Lettersby imperfectsei
  • betterleftunsaid
  • openletters
  • untoldstories
Better Left Unsaid by lizazakia
Better Left Unsaidby lizaa.a
this feelings is better left unsaid
  • teenfiction
  • fiction
  • brokenheart
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Better Left Unsaid by readingaddict00
Better Left Unsaidby readingaddict00
When Anakah's family moves away from the only place she knows many new emotions spring up. Emotions like fear, doubt, anger, and sadness. Things she's dealt with before...
  • loneliness
  • betterleftunsaid
  • anakah
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The Weight of Us:Sequel to Better Left Unsaid by carrie_13
The Weight of Us:Sequel to Better...by carrie_13
I tried to soak it all in, to remember every detail in this moment; his soft lips, his warm embrace, his bed head hair, the smell of his axe cologne, his cozy navy sweat...
  • romance
  • california
  • betterleftunsaid
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Poetry I Never Wanted To Write Before by Tuckerplayer
Poetry I Never Wanted To Write Bef...by Fly Birdie, Fly Away
Can't you see I'm scared? Try to understand Except you cant Except you wont You wont try You will watch and judge Im trying my best Please stop It too much for me Im try...
  • socialstandards
  • myfeelings
  • myoutlet
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Better Left Unsaid |✓ by QueenMelody16
Better Left Unsaid |✓by σℓινια
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of sides to a story, the number of words to make up a description or even the number of thoughts needed to execute an idea...
  • thoughts
  • love
  • books
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