Live Life Offline

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Why does every time we meet,
Have to go up on your Instagram feed?
Everytime I see you we're talking selfies,
Internally I'm screaming for someone to help me

Why does every moment have to be saved on Snapchat,
Daily status updates? Why do we even do that?
Texting for hours with someone you barely know,
Face to face you're strangers, on chats conversations flow?

Honestly, I just want to be real,
Live my life without being told how to feel
See the world not through a camera lens,
Not trying to increase my number of internet friends

I'm non-photogenic and I don't dress up for the snaps,
But that doesn't make me ugly, social media's just a trap
Paranoid by your follower count, your image, your likes,
It's all about your appearance and the poses you strike

I miss when notifications were nothing but calls to come eat dinner,
I miss when I didn't look at the mirror and wish that I was thinner
I miss when getting tagged was nothing but a game,
When I didn't hide my identity behind a username

I miss when stories were in the form of books,
I miss when I didn't hate myself for the way I look.


Sometimes I wonder... If I switched off my phone forever, never checked my texts again, didn't respond to any more posts or upload any more pictures, would people wonder if I was okay?
I know this poem is bound to spring up various viewpoints and opinions, and I know that many of you out there will be greatly opposed to my way of stating that social media can be over judgmental just like our society. But that's just one way of thinking and I'd honestly love to hear your thoughts on the topic too.

Stand up, speak out, let your voice be heard.

Olivia 🌸

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