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Can we give it another shot,
I know it's tough but it's all I want
Can you listen, hear me out,
Can we try, please?

I know what we had is history,
Long forgotten memories
But I want to revive our love story,
Darling, come back, please?

I miss the little things you do,
The way you made me laugh when I felt blue
I miss the way that I loved you,
Can you learn to love me, please?

I wish we could rewind to when,
Our journey uphill did not end
I miss having you even as a friend,
Can we start again, please?

I'll travel the world, however far,
I'll search for your face in the stars
Come back to me wherever you are,
And take me with you, please?


That moment when you are so truly, madly, deeply in love with someone that despite them tearing your world apart, leaving claw marks on your heart and leaving you gasping for air, you still want them back.

A/N Sadly I cannot relate to my own poem 'cause I'm a single potato, but if you can, please vote and comment!!!

Love you to the moon and back,
Via ❤

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