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Just because she's smiling doesn't mean she's happy,
She says she's fine but she's not
She pretends that the world around her is perfect,
But truly she's gone through a lot.

Just because he's strong doesn't mean his life is easy,
He doesn't get everything for free
Nothing for him is served on a silver platter,
He worked to achieve his dreams.

Just because she's not submitting work on time,
Doesn't mean she's useless in life
Maybe she's had a troubled past,
Or is currently on bad terms with her wife.

Just because he wronged you once,
Doesn't mean you hold a grudge
Maybe there's another side to his story,
Hear it before you judge.

Just because they told you something,
Doesn't mean you immediately believe,
Maybe there's something more to them that the world doesn't bother to see.


The world might think you're quiet,
The world might not think you're strong
The world might think you're incapable,
But it's time you prove them wrong.

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