The Hoodie (Part 2)

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A/N Hey guys! Do you remember my poem 'The Hoodie'?
Well, I decided to write this poem as a response to that one. I hope you like it!❤

Do you remember those beautiful times,
When you made it your day's goal to make me smile?
What happened to that, where did you go?
The boy I once loved, who he's now I don't know

I do remember those beautiful times,
I'll never forget your mesmerising smile
You say I'm different, that I have changed,
But without you my life's been rearranged.

Do you remember when we'd talk through the night,
I'd tell you about everything going on in my life
You'd spill some secrets you weren't to tell,
Then I'd pinky promise and you'd talk about yourself

When I said I'd keep a secret, I kept it with my heart,
Even till now, when we have grown apart
I miss venting out about everything we've been through,
I miss late night conversations, I miss you.

We'd argue about petty things and laugh at even smaller,
You always liked to pride yourself on the fact that you were taller
We had our many inside jokes that the world wouldn't understand,
Obsessing over books and shows, and a very many bands

For the record I'm still taller, that's something I'll always be,
And I miss those many arguments about my ego and your love for me
Those inside jokes were the very best, do you remember when we'd crazily obsess,
Over every pair that we'd shipped together, waiting for them to confess?

That hoodie in my favourite colour, the one I wished was mine,
The one you said that I could borrow at any point in time
What happened to that, what happened to us?
What happened was that you had broken my trust

I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't mean to lie,
I just didn't think I could handle it, I didn't have the time
I really wanted this to work, I wanted us to last,
But now I guess it's too late for that, we are something of the past.

Remember when you created the perfect nickname,
Remember when our hopes were the very same
We believed we would last, we believed we were forever,
We believed after everything we'd still be together

And I still believe I could get you back, I still believe in us,
I still believe that we're perfect together, I need to build back that trust.
I'll always still call you by my favourite nickname,
I'll always still love you the very same.

What happened to the smiles, the talks through the night,
What happened to ranting about our lives?
What happened to the hope, the faith, the trust,
What happened to believing in the power of 'us'?

What happened was that I had made a mistake,
I didn't mean to make your heart break
I'm sorry for everything I have done,
Can we please forget and finally move on?

What happened to trying to stay together,
All those empty words,'love' and 'forever'
But it wasn't too hard for you to move on to another,
And now she'll wear that hoodie in my favourite colour.

They were never empty words, I meant them with my heart,
It kills me every minute that we are apart
But time dragged on, I tried to find another lover,
I wish it was you wearing the hoodie in my favourite colour.


I don't know why, but this poem made me sad to think about how so many friendships and relationships have been lost because of misunderstandings and bad timing. I wanted to write this to show that there are always two sides to a story and sometimes you just have to wait to hear the full truth.

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Olivia 🌸

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