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Sometimes I fear my very existence.
Do they really need me here?
Or would it be so much easier,
To just vanish in the blink of an eye?

Sometimes I feel like my cries go unheard.
Like there's a reason as to why,
No one else in the world,
Can hear the voices in my head.

Sometimes I feel invisible.
Like there's a barrier separating me,
From the rest of the world,
And if one day I breathe my last,
Knowing will even notice I was gone.

Sometimes I feel like talking only makes it worse.
Like if someone else knew,
What I was going through,
They'd label me,

Sometimes I fear that everything I do is wrong.
Is my touch fatal?
Do I purposely push everyone away,
Or is that an accident, just like my existence?


I'm not really sure if this even counts as poem, but it's just a bunch of thoughts that kept running through my mind.. 

I'd like to thank everyone so much for giving this book a chance. Right now Candid is #22 in poetry and that makes me so happy, you have no idea.
With your endless love and support, I know we can hit the top ten one day :)

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