Already Done That

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I wish I could tear out each fragment of my mind,
I wish I could rip out my heart
I wish I could tear my soul like paper,
But oh, you've already done that.

Every time I try to erase you from my memory,
It's like you force yourself back
So I wish I could claw at the valves of my mind,
And replace the reality I lack

Whenever you passed by I got these feelings,
I was nervously excited all the time
But now I wish I could throw away the heart you smashed,
Because all those butterflies have died.

I wish I could rewrite the stories of my past,
Etched onto my soul as scars
I wish I could get back all the time I'd lost,
In your love that had me behind bars

I wish I could smash my heart to pieces,
Break my mind in half
I wish I could tear out my soul to shreds,
But oh, you've already done that.


I wish I could hurt myself to the very extent that it won't hurt anymore.
But too late, you've already done that.

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