Everything Wasn't Enough

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When you're in low spirits, don't expect me to be too
I'll go on with my life, but I'll support you through and through

Everything you feel is a consequence of your actions,
Whether it was intentional or just happenstance

No matter what you do, I'll be by your side,
When you accidentally hurt me, my emotions I'll hide

When you need me most I'll always be there,
Even when you've moved on and don't really care

I'll be a helping hand, but I can't take part,
I'll be right with you from the very start

I'll applaud when you're in the spotlight,
But I can't be on stage, this isn't my fight

You are your own person, you have your own goals,
But I'll be there to cheer you on as and when you score

I'll share the load, be the fire to your spark,
I'll be your light when you're stuck in the dark

But one thing I know I can never do,
Is cry your tears for you.


I loved you more than I loved myself. That's why I let you break me, piece by piece. I gave you everything but even everything wasn't enough.

And now I'm too afraid to fall for someone else the way I fell for you.

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