Queen of Hearts

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You say I've gone mad, you say I'm just rage
You think I'm just lonely, trapped up in this cage
You think I'm a goner, I'll loose my battle soon,
You'll bid goodbye as I fly to my doom
You say I'm mad, you say I'm crazy,
You think I'm all anger as the memories are hazy
You claim you're my saviour, my knight in shining armour,
But all you proved to be was a reckless charmer
I didn't fall in rabbit holes just for fun,
My battle's not over, my story's just begun
You say I've gone bonkers, you say I'm just rage,
But that's​ the mad hatter, turn the page
I once had a heart, then had it broken,
Over and over till I'd finally awoken
Love wasn't my game and you weren't going to play,
My heartstrings as they continually break
I once had a mind, a clean slate,
I once had thicker skin, I wasn't afraid
I once had a soul as bright as the dawn,
I once had a heart but now it's long gone.


Hey guys!! I actually got inspiration for this poem from this absolutely breathtaking book called Heartless by Marissa Meyer. It's a story about how the Queen of Hearts really became the Queen of Hearts. Once upon a time, before Alice fell down that hole and before Wonderland became what it was in Lewis Carroll's tale, the Queen of Hearts was just a young girl who fell in love for the first time.

This book broke my heart and gave me an entirely new perspective of life. If you've read it, do comment below so I can have a fangirl partner, otherwise, I suggest you get your hands on the book.
Absolutely breathtaking.
That's all I can possibly say.

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