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I've lost my identity,
I've forgotten who I am.
I've lost my zest for life,
I just keep thinking 'I can't.'

I've forgotten how to walk,
I trip and I stumble.
I can't seem to talk,
The words are in a jumble.

I don't know how to sing,
I can't move my feet to dance.
When opportunities rush forward,
I don't want to take a chance.

When my pen hits the paper,
No more does the ink flow.
No more do my thoughts come pouring,
Who I am, I don't know.

No more can I face the world,
There's no need to wake up from bed.
Just lay there for eternity,
Waiting for the darkness to end.

I've lost my identity,
I don't know what I've become.
I've forgotten my personality,
All in the name of love.


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