Voices in My Head

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Meet Love; She is always late,
She plays with emotions and blames it on fate
She either ruins you or makes you great,
But you're always left in a dazzled state.

Hate is her evil twin,
People tell him he's a sin
Yet he ends up rising with a grin,
Because when there's war he always wins.

Conscience is the wise old one,
He always gets in the way of fun
If you're on his bad side you better run,
Because if he catches you, oh, you're done.

My personal favourite is crazy,
She shows up when you're feeling lazy
Your mood will end up going hazy,
And she'd be giggling,"Oopsie Daisy!"

Happy is this tiny guy,
Who only shows up when I want to cry
He'd knock sense into me and push away all the lies,
All because he'd want to see me smile

Brainy only opens her door,
When I'm having trouble with four plus four
It's hard to access my little intelligence store,
Because sadly there's not that much more!

Now I've taken it you've met the voices inside,
In my head, they crouch and hide
They've been by me throughout this ride,
They are the framework of my mind.


Am I the only one who has tiny little people controlling her head just like in the movie Inside Out?

Well to be completely honest there are wayyy too many people in my head to put down in just one poem.... XD

And for the record, Hate is actually nothing like what I described him. He is totally that stereotypical annoying mean girl.

Lol anyway, hope you liked the poem and can relate ;)
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