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Candid |✓

Candid |✓

28.5K Reads 4K Votes 100 Part Story
σℓινια By QueenMelody16 Completed


❝Only when one can smile at her own reflection, be proud of her own thoughts and be happy with who she is, will she learn to fall in love with a candid picture.❞

Unveiled, unmasked, revealed. 
Displayed for the world to see, is her true personality. 

At first, she believed thoughts were just better left unsaid. She believed in bottling up her tears and locking away her secrets. 

Eventually, she let out her first whisper of silence. Taking baby steps, she slowly made her way into the world. She opened up her doors and took off her mask. 

Now, she's ready to show her true colours. She's ready to uncover those scars hidden beneath the painted smiles and the coloured lies.

She's ready to be Candid.

~A poetry collection~

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