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Leave your hair open, that lipstick shade will do,
Wing your eyeliner and your dress must be new
Don't forget the blush, just a dash of rose red,
Earrings should be dangling, at least that's what they said

Give a wide smile, but make sure not too wide,
Throw one leg over the other and keep your hands by your side
Stand over there where the lighting is great,
Tilt your head to the side and keep your back straight

They told me to take off my glasses and get my foundation touched up,
And that's when I knew that I'd had enough
It was time my thoughts were finally spoken,
After all, in the end, every doll gets broken

I was done pretending to be someone I surely was not,
I wasn't going to sit still, it was time that I fought
I grabbed ahold of my curls and tied them right back,
I Rubbed off the lipstick with my trembling hands

I smudged the eyeliner and poured the blush on my dress,
Ultimately creating what you would call a mess
When I was sure I had managed to let all hell loose,
I simply walked away from the hisses and the boos

When I could finally turn around and let out a light laugh,
That's when the camera had finally snapped.


Beauty is not in a pretty face.
Beauty is not in a posed picture.
Beauty is not what you see.
It's what you feel.

For all you out there with insecurities that are weighing down your perspective of life, hear me out.

There's no point caring about your image or what others think of you.
There's no point living your life trying to impress someone else.
It's time to be yourself. Act natural. Show your true colours.
Be Candid.

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