Once Upon A Time

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Once upon a time, I fell for a guy,
Who I thought would make me happy, but only made me cry
I hoped and dreamed and wished we'd end up,
But once we were together, I knew I'd had enough

I cared too much, I felt it all,
I didn't think twice before I jumped for the fall
It came true so quickly, it ended so fast,
There's no way of rewriting the tragic past

I spent months and months chasing after 'The One',
But when my dream came true, a nightmare had sprung
Reality took over fantasy and within moments gone,
All I could think of was how I'd been wrong

I should've seen it coming, known how little you cared,
But your love had me blinded and that fake bond we shared
I wish I had been wiser, waited a bit longer,
But I thought that I had known you, if only I'd been stronger

Once upon a time, I fell for a guy,
But later he broke up with me saying he had no time.


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