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You know that feeling you get when everyone around you,
Is in ultimate bliss but you're not?
You know that feeling when you've lost so badly no matter how much you fought?

You know that feeling when no matter how hard you try,
You feel like just giving up?
I know you get that feeling because I get it too, and sometimes I feel I've had enough.

But trust me when I say this, it gets better,
Maybe not now, but never say never.
Our feelings are substantial, they don't last forever,
So don't feel dejected after one failed endeavour.

It's easier said than done, easier to dream than do,
Easier to have goals and fail them, than actually pulling through
But you've done it once, twice, more than you can see,
All because you strived hard and in yourself you believed.

Don't turn back now, you've come this far,
Things will get better, but for now they're what they are
Work harder next time, start with a clean slate,
Forget about the past, don't let it get in your way

Climb your mountain, run your path to achieve,
Make your dreams reality and don't forget to believe.


We all go through that point in our lives when no amount of positive songs or inspirational quotes can make us feel better about ourselves. Sometimes there are problems even Netflix and food can't solve. SOMETIMES.

And it's in those grave moments that we have to realize the importance of self-motivation. I can tell you a hundred times about how beautiful you look when you smile or how absolutely breathtaking you are as a person.
But that will never mean a thing unless you learn to believe it yourself.

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