Jump in the Puddles

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The sun is out and there's a bright blue sky,
The children are enjoying as the colourful kites fly
The clouds like cotton candy floating up above,
As the city is filled with laughter and love

When the first clap of thunder makes it's way through the cheer,
All the kites are wound back and the smiles disappear
As the clouds are painted a darker hue of grey,
Lightning makes its way and gone are the sun rays

Trees starts to dance in the angry wind,
And the sky takes on a desolate tint
The leaves rustle and the crickets begin their song,
The kids run away, feeling their day has gone wrong

Hidden under umbrellas and behind closed doors,
The world fears the darkness more and more
The power runs out and the candles burn,
Enveloped in darkness as the water churns

Old ladies sit in their porches with a wistful look in their eyes,
Telling stories of their adventures back in their times
The housewives would be hurrying to get their garments back inside,
From where they'd all been hung on the narrow clothesline

Some would be walking through the crowded streets,
Hurrying to get home to their families
Not wanting to get drenched or muddy in the rain,
Under their umbrellas they trudged through the lanes

But on that dark night there was one child outside,
Jumping in the puddles as Gods above cried
Their tears her only solace, the darkness her only light,
She believed in no such thing as wrong or right

Even when the world chose to run or hide away,
She refused to accept in such a thing as a bad day
When in troubled times just sit back and relax,
Live in the moment and make best of what you have

Like how on a piano there are black and white keys,
And a low and a high make a harmony
Every day has its joys and its troubles,
But why wait for a rainbow when you can jump in the puddles?


You don't need sunshine to be cheerful.
You don't need a lover to feel complete.
You don't need money to be successful.
You don't need time to slow itself down.

You can be happy just the way you are.

-Thank you SecretIdentity16 for the beautiful cover!❤-

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