False Promises

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It started on our wedding day,
When we sealed our love with a kiss
You looked into my eyes and gave me your word,
"I'll always be here, I promise."

At first it seemed so genuine,
Probably the trick of your charms
That melted my heart and drove me insane,
I felt safest in your arms.

You said we'd always support each other,
In whatever work we pursued
But soon after that, you made me quit my job,
Cooking full time for you.

You said that I was a strong woman,
I didn't need to follow orders, just do;
But I was so brainwashed by my love,
I didn't notice all my orders were from you.

I guess that's when it just got worse,
I was treated like an object, a tool
I'd fallen for someone who didn't respect me,
I felt like such a fool.

You said I was your only,
And my heart was yours to steal
But darling that's where it all ended,
Just words from your mouth, not real

You'd come home drunk,
And throw things on the floor,
Scream at me,
And order around more.

All that independence, all that love,
Dominance had taken away
The one thing I wanted was respect,
But did you listen to what I'd to say?

You said you loved me with all your heart,
You said we'd travel the world together
But was all that a lie? Darling, what happened?
To the moon and back, remember?


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