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No, I can't, go
On this way.
There's nothing
Here for me
In this dark cold world.
Go, leave me here to stay.

Come see me when
All around you there is darkness.

Sacrifice is
The last gift I can give you.
All of me has already perished.
Now go.
Don't turn back.

"I love you. I always will.
Never will I forget you."

You said.
Our last embrace.
Under the kisses of the burning breeze and the silent
Roars of the people in fright.

We are eternal, my love.
You and I will find our happy ending somewhere else, one day.


Sacrifice isn't a beautiful thing.
Beauty is supposed to bring happiness.
It is supposed to bring joy, laughter and love.

No, sacrifice isn't beautiful.

It is powerful.

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