Brother's Best Friend

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My best friend's brother,
My brother's best friend
We had a cliché love story,
But then it came to an end

I was the nerdy good girl, who tripped over her own feet,
Who wrote sappy romantic stories, and wasn't afraid to dream

You were the popular bad boy, every girl wanted your heart,
But when you didn't care for them, it tore them part by part

I never thought I'd be the one to change your player ways,
But then came a plot twist and we were together one day

I went on chasing after, like all those other girls,
But instead of feeling happy, it only made it worse

For you didn't treat me different, I was just like the rest,
Not a glance in my direction, even after you'd confessed

Then came the diva, the popular drama queen,
I think you know what happens, it's excatly what it seems

You tell me that it's over, I see her in your arms,
She fell for you just like I did with all your words and charms

My best friend's brother,
My brother's best friend
We have our past history,
But the present came to an end

Before I was like the others, I didn't know your true colours,
But I wanted my own fairytale, a chance to find a lover

Dear childhood sweetheart, you never knew my name,
I guess the truest love stories are the ones that end in flames.


Beauty gets the Beast,
Cinderella gets Prince Charming.
Ariel finds her Eric,
But they're just fairytales, darling.

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