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She just wanted to be normal,
She just wanted a happy life.
But then her emotions began to bleed,
When she tore them open with her knife.

No one knew how much she cried,
Her tears dripping with silent roars
Late into the night,
Like the blood now coating the floor.

They made her life a living hell,
They never acted like they knew.
If anyone asked they'd never tell,
Of all that she'd gone through.

Her happiness was soon drained,
All her colours were washed out.
On her smiles the world had rained,
And muffled were her shouts.

No one helped her when she drowned,
Lying limp against the cold floor.
And now her body has been found,
As she couldn't take it anymore.

It was only after she left,
That she was happy the most,
Because even before she died,
They treated her like a ghost.

When she was gone, her struggles had no mention,
The world had her branded as a seeker for attention.

She just wanted to be normal,
She just wanted a happy life.
Up above she thought she belonged,
And left behind was her knife.


Only upon seeing her lifeless body the world had shed tears.
But what they failed to see was that she was already dead long before she took her own life.

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