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Do I admit or forever should I hide,
In my stuffed animals and my diary I'd confide
I'll have my own tea parties and read my own books,
I won't care to impress or improve my looks
Do I admit and complicate my life,
What if he says no, will I run and hide
Would I forever be afraid to get back in the game,
All because of a rejection that went and came
Should I spill out the contents of my heart,
Or should I keep my mouth shut before I'm torn apart
Would it be wiser to know your answer at all,
What if I'm not ready to embrace the fall
What if one word could blow my house down,
What if one word could make me suffocate and drown
What if one word could be the cause for my life,
To end with a swallow or a blood coated knife
Do I admit or forever should I hide,
I'm going to admit because I'm stronger inside.


This was how our story had started. Do you remember? I was always the one to get things started and keep them running smoothly. I always thought it could work. But turns out, when I ignited my fire and confessed to you, in the end it was you who put me out. But I won't ever regret that decision. Because now that I know your true colours, there's no way I would find myself wound up in your trap again.

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