Crossing Oceans

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When he sees your messages, but never replies,
When he doesn't bother to notice those tears behind your smile

When he pretends he doesn't know you in front of all his friends,
When he doesn't prove he's worth it, it's time to mark the end

When he doesn't tell you you're beautiful for the little things you do,
When he doesn't always tell you the straight-out honest truth

When he doesn't make time to talk about all that you've been through,
When he doesn't seem to care about the things that matter to you

When he promises to make it work, that he'd give you the whole world,
But alas you see him happy, but with another girl

He doubles your insecurities and doesn't have a clue,
So don't cross oceans for people who don't jump puddles for you.


Don't always hold on to past memories, because sometimes, they're what blind you from the present.

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