Twenty- Two Days and Counting

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Twenty- two days since we met the end,
We'll never be the same again
Whenever I see you, you turn the other way,
As if I never existed, and I pretend that's okay

Do you want the truth? I can't seem to forget;
Forgiveness was easy, moving on comes next
The thoughts keep flooding, emotional earthquake
My first ever story, my first heartbreak

What we had, to me was real,
Once upon a time, my heart you did steal
Our first chapter, all our plot twists,
All those memories will be missed

Our friendship has shrivelled, blown apart, gone stale,
The least you could do was talk to me before you ended our fairytale

Instead of being my knight in shining armour,
You had a hoodie in my favourite colour
I was Cinderella in my classic Hi-Tops,
If I start reminiscing I'll never stop

But I just have one thing and only one thing left to say,
I wish I never fell for you in that way
And every time I rewind, I end up drowning,
In the thoughts after twenty-two days and counting.


Twenty-two days,
Twenty-two poems.
Coincidence? I think not.

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