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Happy Quoterday!!!🌸
This is dedicated to my best friend, my sister from another mother, my world, cheeta15.
I don't know what I'd do without you❤

1. Me without you is a song with no tune,
A sun without a moon,
And a bane without a boon.

2. If I hadn't met you, just imagine our lives:
Oh wait, nevermind, I'd never survive.

3. Words can't explain our friendship, it's more than just for show.
It's more than selfies and half-heart necklaces, more than you'll ever know.

4. I love how you understand without me having to explain,
You and me are so different, yet so unmistakably the same.

5. Friendship isn't the number of years that you have stayed together,
Friendship is really meaning it when you say you'll be there forever.

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