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Leaves rattling in the breeze,
The sky was painted hues of grey
Raindrops falling on our heads,
Our story began on that day

The scent of damp earth lingering in the air,
Your eyes locked into mine
Barely an inch apart,
Our fingers intertwined

You twirled me through the puddles,
My hair was soaking wet
You set down your umbrella,
So it was as magical as it could get

We were the only two people in the world,
Dancing in the moonlight
As raindrops fell to the ground,
You held me in your arms, tight

Now as I walk in the rain,
The memories fresh in my mind
I feel like I still see us,
Dancing with our fingers intertwined

I still feel your breath against my neck,
The spark inside your eyes
The toads beginning their song,
As our history rewinds

I used to love the rain,
Because it reminded me of you
Our dance through the puddles,
A star-filled sky blessed with the moon

But now when I walk,
Under the sky streaked with hues of grey
I like it because no one can see me,
Cry as I remember that day.


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