Dear Bully

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You know the thing about bullying,
Is that it starts so subtle
Like they're just waiting for the war,
They're stepping out of their bubble

They insult, throw things,
But nothing out of hand
They know that if they're caught,
They won't be able to take a stand

They continue for days,
The snickers behind your back
When they think you're not looking,
They point at you and laugh

You forget they exist,
Ignore that they're there
Look out into the open,
As if they vanished in thin air

But the torment never stops;
It just keeps getting worse
All the same from the start,
But you eventually burst

Those laughs and snickers,
That seemed like nothing before
Start creeping under your skin,
And open hidden doors

You're finally vulnerable,
Their tactics pulled through
At first it was nothing,
But now that's not true

You know you're in a position,
Where there's nothing you can do
When you've asked for help,
But they continue it through

They double the insults,
Gossip goes around
They call you a snitch,
And in solitude you drown

But no matter what,
You try to stay strong
You stand your ground,
And prove them all wrong

But no matter how hard,
You truly try
The worst feeling is when,
They see you cry.


I have no words.

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