Dear Ex-Lover

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Dear ex-lover,
I'm sorry for what I said
I pushed the blame onto you,
For how we came to an end

I'm sorry I didn't understand,
All that you went through
I guess that I was so caught up in myself,
I didn't bother thinking of you

I'm sorry I wasn't there,
To support you on your belief
To give you a hug and a cheerful farewell,
Instead of the tears that streamed down my cheeks

I'm sorry for expecting all of you,
The things I never would've done
I'm sorry for jumping too fast into something,
Neither of us could run

I'm sorry for overreacting over this,
I'm sorry I told the world
I'm sorry that my emotions took over,
I hope you're happy with your new girl

I'm sorry I was so serious and wanted to believe,
I guess that I was just so surprised that you fell in love with me.


Ever get that feeling of ultimate bliss when someone tells you that you are the one for them and that they are happy you're in their life?
That's how it felt. And that's why it hurt the most when it was over.

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