Best Friend

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This is going to take a while, so brace yourselves.
Hope you like it❤

No more intros, no more beating around the bush,
I want to take this forward, give it a little push
This is for my friend, who was once closest to my heart,
But in the past few months, we have drifted apart

At first it was odd, not seeing her face around,
Not hearing her quirky laugh in the conversations that surround
But slowly as time passed, the absence became normality,
She was gone from my life- that was the reality.

I know you don't know, for certain who I'm addressing,
But until you find out, continue to keep guessing
You were the one who was there for me when,
I felt like giving up, thought it was the end.

You were the one, who taught me to believe,
That anything can happen, I just had to wait and see
You built up my self confidence, you increased my self esteem,
I only started to love myself after you started loving me.

Everytime your name was mentioned, mine would follow behind
It's like we were two peas in a pod, without you I was blind
We were stuck like glue together, forever you and me,
Our feet danced to the same beat, our voices in harmony.

We'd encountered more in our lives than most friends had gone through,
So many hurdles to jump over but I'd sacrifice anything for you
You would always listen to me, whether the rant was hours or days,
Giving me the support I needed, long walks in the hallways.

Whenever one of us wouldn't open up, we'd pester till the end,
Squeeze every last secret out; I miss you, best friend
I miss our talks late through the night, picking up all your phone calls
I miss when I could tell you just about anything, but now we hardly talk at all.

Things will probably never be the same, but I can't help but hope,
That one day we can go back to being us- holding two ends of the same rope
I miss when you would read my poetry, before anyone else had the chance,
I miss when you'd tell me everything going on in your mind, all the full-fledged rants.

I know you know who you are now: my walking diary, my sister, my twin,
I don't want the next time  we talk to be as awkward as it has been
I wish one day we can talk again, just be our old selves for a while,
Just to hear your quirky laugh that's never failed to make me smile

I know we've changed, everyone has, in the time we spent apart,
But I just want you to know, my love, you'll always be my best friend in my heart.


*Takes a deeep breath*

Wow that was a huge one.
Well, if this was huge just wait for the last one ;)

Anyway, if you're still reading this far, thank you. Thank you so much for all your time spent on reading my poems. It means a lot.


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